Saturday, May 14, 2011

05/13 - 05/16 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

DJ Rhom / DJane Ema Joint Event!
2200 - 2500 JPT
DJ Schedule:
0600 ~ 0730 DJane Ema - Electro Pop
0730 ~ 0900 DJ Rhom - House/Tech House

This Saturday I will be back in Japan this time doing an event with my good DJ friend Ema Burt.  We have been good friends for a long time and both share a passion for music.  It is nice to be doing an event with her since most times when I am spinning in Elfin she is spinning in Lucente.  So it will be nice to be able to hear her spin for a change!  I hope to see you guys there and do not be shy because it is a Japanese club!  They are very friendly people and fellow lovers of music!

05/09 @ Toontopia!

Monday morning I was back at Toontopia.  I had a cold and was not feeling very well but the show must go on LOL!  I spun mostly house tunes.  My sexy hostess Ebony was there as always pumping up the crowd.  I had a good time and will be back in 2 weeks!
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

05/06 - 05/09 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0300 - 0500 SLT
I am back in Toontopia after a week break.  I am not sure exactly what type of sound I am going to look for this week, but I can say it will be house music LOL!  I hope to see ya guys there!
Friday, April 29, 2011

04/29 - 05/02 DJ Rhom Weekend Off!

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I will not doing any sets this weekend.  Due to RL work I am taking the weekend off from spinning but I will be back next weekend!  So in the meantime continue the groove!
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

04/25 @ Toontopia!

Monday morning I was back in Toontopia for some more house music.  I followed on the heels of DJane Ebony who spins some awesome vocal trance.  For my set she switches roles and becomes my hostess lol.  For this set I wanted to keep with the house theme but focus the sound a little more on the house and a little bit less DISCO, which I have been doing a lot of as of late.

With Ebony handling the customers I was able to keep things rocking!  Many thanks goes out to the Korean and Japanese customers that came out!  I love having ya guys in TT!  Lemme tell you, the track selection for this set made for some difficult mixing on my end but I thought the music flowed together well!  One transition in particular was difficult and any DJ will know that when mixing and you have a track with a prominent off beat midrange sound it makes for some tricky mixing!  I really had a good time and I look forward to being back in Toontopia in 2 weeks!
Sunday, April 24, 2011

04/22 @ La Festa!

Oh wow I had such a banging good time that I forgot to snap some screenshots of the event :(  I am sorry but I really had a much better time than I anticipated!  I was not sure what kinda of crowd Ryo's club would draw but I ended up having a rather large audience who were all grooving!  It was really nice to be able to spin with Orange and Ryo and I look forward to spinning there again!  If you were not there ya missed some good electro house tunes!

04/22 - 04/25 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

FRIDAY April 22
Club La Festa
0700 - 1000 SLT
2300 - 2600 JPT
DJ Schedule:
0700 - 0800 DJ Rhom - Electro
0800 - 0900 DJ Orange - Electro
0900 - 1000 DJ Ryo - Electro

This Friday I will be doing an all electro event with 2 of my oldest friends in SL.  We are all gonna doing electro / electro house and will all be using our Denon DN-MC6000 controllers!  It is sure to be a banging good time so please come on out!

MONDAY April 25
Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0300 - 0500 SLT
Monday morning I will be back in Toontopia doing my semi weekly slot.  I will probably be doing some more house music with DISCO tones so hope to see you there!
Thursday, April 21, 2011

04/18 @ Toontopia!

Monday morning found me back again doing my semi weekly set in Toontopia!  My DJ friends were not kidding when they said it was difficult to find new tracks the last week.  I spent so many hours going through new tracks that just did not have the feeling I was looking for.  So I ended up doing a set that was hal new stuff and then half stuff from the last month or so.  I started out with the first few tracks with a house sound and then gradually built in a disco type sound that grew more and more pronounced as the set progressed.

My sexy hostess Ebony was there as always keeping the crowd pumped up.  It ended up being a pretty good crowd for the one of the hardest times to spin in SL!  People were really getting into the tunes!  I do not know how much longer I will be doing disco type stuffs but I think I will continue to experiment with the regular flavor of house.  I look forward to seeing ya guys there next week!
Sunday, April 17, 2011

04/15 - 04/18 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

MONDAY April 18
Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0300 - 0500 SLT

I am back at Toontopia doing my normal semi-weekly event!  I plan on continuing my latest theme of house / tech house and I look forward to seeing ya all there!  For those that may wonder why the change to the 3 AM slot it is due to time changes and when my hostess is available.

04/09 @ Elfin!

Today i was back fr my monthly set in Club Elfin!  I continued along with the house/tech house theme and put in a few more Disco tracks as the Elfin's really get into that kinda stuff.  Started out with a classis track in the minutes before the set began then started to get groovy. 

Set started out with a few of my regular customers and then as the set progressed people just kept coming, and coming, and coming!  I think I hit 30 people on the stream at the peak!  Was really good and glad I have a good stream provider haha!  Anyhow the audience was awesome as usual with people going nuts over the tracks.  I was even asked by the owner Crea to extend the set so I threw in three more tracks just to keep people grooving!  It was an awesome time and people really were getting into the music, which really makes things enjoyable for the DJ!  I really look forward to my next set there which will be 7 May and will be a special 3 hour set by DJane Ema Burt and myself!  LOL we finally get to hear one another spin as usually her and I are booked at the same time in different clubs so I really look forward to doing an event with her!  It will definately be a good event so do not miss it!

04/04 @ Toontopia!

I was back for my normal semi-weekly set in Toontopia this morning.  I took over the decks with a few people in the club and managed to double the size of the audience for the set! :)  Must have been doing something right lol.  The early monday morning slots are the the most difficult slots for a DJ but I honestly prefer that time as it gives me musical freedom!  Anyhow as usual I had my sexy hostess DJ Ebony shakin' her stuff in front of me when I was spinning LOL.

This week I continued my theme of house/tech house sounds with some disco after tones.  That particular sound has made a comeback lately and there have been a lot of really good tracks with that particular sound.  I enjoy spinning them as it brings back memories of my clubbing days hehe!  Ebony kept the crowd pumping and I kept the tunes coming, at the end the wife woke up and she requested a couple of tracks while she took a show so I had to follow the orders of the boss LOL so I dropped an electro house track that is a favorite of hers at the end.  I had a really good time and I look forward to seeing you guys next time!

A Big Thank You From Dj Rhomoruel!!!

To all of you that came to the Japan fundraiser I want to thank you very much.  It was an awesome event!  We had so many people attend that we surpassed the ability of the normal stream server and had to double its capacity for the event!  A special Thank You goes to Japanese  DJane Ema Burt!  I was able to surprise the ToonTopia crowd and have her spin during my regular slot!  The crowd went nuts over her set!  Also a big Thank You goes out to the people from Club Eflin that made appearances during the entire event!  I ended up doing a slot later in the event and were able to raise over 150% of the fund raising goal!  This was truly an awesome event, DJ's from all genre's playing their hearts out and helping the best way they could!  I was there for 18 out of the 24 hours and I felt honored to be a part of something special like this was!  Again thank you very much! -- Rhom
Saturday, March 19, 2011

03/19 Toontopia Japan Relief Fundraising Event!

SATURDAY March 19 - March 20
Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0100 MARCH 19 - 0100 MARCH 20

DJ Rhom Spin Time:
1200 - 1300 SLT

In light of all the events that have happened in Japan, Toontopia Dance Club is having a 24 hour fundraising event.  There will be 24 DJ's each spinning one hour sets.  This is personally to me the most important event that I have spun at during my SL career.  The event is a Licensed Australian Red Cross fundraising event so you can be sure any and all donations will go directly to the Australian Red Cross.  All of Toontopia's best DJ's are spinning for charity.  Please come out anytime you guys can because this is honestly an event that is a gift from the heart from everybody at Toontopia to our Japanese friends!

03/14 @ Toontopia

The morning found me back doing my normal set in Toontopia.  Due to the time change I swapped out slots and spun 2 hours later than normal.  Man was I tired when the set began but the music got me pumping!

My sexy hostess Ebony get everyone pumping as usual.  Ended up drawing a rather large crowd and the topics of discussion were....quite lewd but funny nonetheless.  I still stuck with the house/tech house feeling for the set...there just have been a lot of really good tracks with that sound so that is what I spun.  Even had a group of Korean DJs show up to listen so thank you very much for coming out!  I hope to see ya guys next time!
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

03/04 - 03/07 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

2300 - 2500 JPT

Hey guys!  Just one set for me this weekend.  This time I am back in Japan at Club Elfin for my monthly set!  Last time I was there it got really crazy so hopefully I can get ya guys grooving wildly again!  I have been doing tech house lately in Elfin but this weekend I am going to go for more regular house music with Disco undertones.  I am in kind of a Disco kick lately...the tracks are just there and flow together good so that is what I am spinning!  Don't be scared that it is a Japanese club, they are all really friendly and am sure there will be lots of cuties grooving to provide ya with some eye candy!  I hope to see you there!
Monday, February 28, 2011

02/28 @ Toontopia!

This early morning I did my normal set in TT.  I had a scare when I got home from work about 5 hours before my set was to start.  I rebooted my streaming machine to prep for the set and suddenly it did not recognize my soundcard!  It thought it was a video card!  Talk about being in a panic!  My cover DJ DJ Walker was ready to cover but I hate having to ask like that!  Fortunately I just swapped PCI slots with the card and I was once again ready to go!  I had to retune the gains and stuff but I was glad I got things working!  It's funny how problems like that crop up at the worst time LOL!  It is something that us DJ's struggle with all the time!  Anyhow for this set I picked out a selection of tracks to explore the origins of house music...namely disco.

My sexy hostess DJane Ebony kept the crowd pumping as usual.  Some people have asked why I did not do an electro set.  I'll answer that question now.  The electro tracks just were not there.  I spun a set within my genre where the tracks flowed, and this week it happened to be house with a disco feeling.  I am not going to spin crap tracks or the same old tracks that are over played just to say I did an electro set.  I want the tracks in the set to flow and tonight it was regular house music.  That is what I am anyhow, a house music DJ.  The peeps in TT really seemed to enjoy the flow of the set and I really had a good time spinning it!  I look forward to my next set in a couple weeks there! 
Friday, February 4, 2011

02/05 - 02/07 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

Club Cybermatrix
0700 - 0800 SLT

After being closed for about a year Club Cybermatrix has re-opened!!!  Cybermatrix is my home club!  It is where I first started DJ'ing!  It is a special place to me run by my cyber family!  Also me spinning in Cybermatrix means one thing... electro house!  I cannot wait to be back home again and I hope you will come out and experience this special place!

MONDAY February 07
Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0100 - 0300 SLT

Monday I am back in Toontopia for my normal slot!  I am not sure exactly what I will play monday....will it be electro?  Perhaps....come and find out!

01/15 @ Elfin!

Today I was back overseas for my monthly Tech House set in Club Elfin!  The club Elfin crowd really gets into tech house and it is a blast playing for them.  I always look forward to the monthly sets.  They sure do get wild!

This time a couple gals from the crowd decided to come up and dance on the DJ booth!  First time its happened in Elfin for me!  It was a really good time and I look forward to doing my next set there!  If you have never been there it is definatly worth checking out!

01/10 @ Toontopia!

Today found me doing my normal slot in Toontopia.  I was having a hard time figuring out what to play as I just have not been feeling the electro house groove lately so I decided to go with some more prog house.  I hav not played this much prog house in a long time but I seemed to feeling that genre's groove more lately.  The crowd did not seem to mind!

My normal hostess Ebony was back and she likes prog house a lot so was nice to spin some tunes she liked.  She also kept the crowd pumping!  All in all it was a good time and I look forward to seeing you guys next time!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

01/03 @ Toontopia!

Tonight I was back again at Toontopia doing my normal late night timeslot.  I was still quite recovering from the weekends parties and stuff and was just not feeling the electro house beats so I decided to to focus again on a progressive house set.  Sometimes as a DJ you just kinda lose your mojo and the tracks are just not coming together how you want them so rather than spin a bunch of electro that I was not really feeling I decided to again push and refine the progressive house set from December.  I dropped the cyber sound part at the beginning and instead put in some house tracks to try to make the sound go together smoother.  I think after some tweaking the sound was much more fluid.

My normal hostess Ebony was not able to make the set so the sexy rihanna Staheli stepped forward.  It was my first time working with her and she was an awesome hostess!  She seemed to really like that music and that helps out a lot when the hostess is into the style of the DJ cause they get the crowd pumping even more.  It was an awesome turnout for a progressive set.  I had a great time and look forward to my next time in  Toontopia!

12/22 @ Toontopia!

Hey guys!  Tonight I did a special cover set for my good DJ friend DJ Walker in Toontopia!  DJ Walker is my permanent cover DJ for the weeks I cannot do my sets and this time he asked me to cover for him so I was only happy to agree to it.  DJ Walker specialized in vocal trance and stuff so I tried to put something together within the house genre that would push that type of sound and the best I could come up with was a progressive house set.  I do not do many sets strictly of that genre so it was a good challenge to see how far I could push it.  I started out with more of what I would call a cybernetic world feeling then went more towards more traditional progressive house sounds and then dropped a bunch that pushed the trance sound.  It was an interesting challenge!

This time around I had the sexy Diva Woodford as my hostess.  It was my first time working with her and she turned out to be an awesome hostess and a really nice person!  I really enjoyed it and she kept the crowd pumping!  I think I ended up laying a very danceable set with sounds as close as I could come to DJ Walker while staying within my genre so was an interesting challenge to do!

12/20 @ Toontopia!

Hey guys!  Today I did my official return to Toontopia after being gone for so long.  It was really great to back to my normal super late night slot as it lets me really play what I feel like it.  And this set I felt like starting out tech house and then going to some nasty electro!

Of course I had my sexy hostess Ebony keeping the crowd pumped up!  It was really nice being able to lay down some electro house!  The club also looked nice all decorated for the holidays!

Here is a view looking out from the DJ booth showing off some of the other club decorations.  Anyhow I had a great time and if you were not there ya missed some banging tracks!  I look forward to my next time in Toontopia...who knows what ill be spinning!