Sunday, April 17, 2011

04/04 @ Toontopia!

I was back for my normal semi-weekly set in Toontopia this morning.  I took over the decks with a few people in the club and managed to double the size of the audience for the set! :)  Must have been doing something right lol.  The early monday morning slots are the the most difficult slots for a DJ but I honestly prefer that time as it gives me musical freedom!  Anyhow as usual I had my sexy hostess DJ Ebony shakin' her stuff in front of me when I was spinning LOL.

This week I continued my theme of house/tech house sounds with some disco after tones.  That particular sound has made a comeback lately and there have been a lot of really good tracks with that particular sound.  I enjoy spinning them as it brings back memories of my clubbing days hehe!  Ebony kept the crowd pumping and I kept the tunes coming, at the end the wife woke up and she requested a couple of tracks while she took a show so I had to follow the orders of the boss LOL so I dropped an electro house track that is a favorite of hers at the end.  I had a really good time and I look forward to seeing you guys next time!


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