Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Big Thank You From Dj Rhomoruel!!!

To all of you that came to the Japan fundraiser I want to thank you very much.  It was an awesome event!  We had so many people attend that we surpassed the ability of the normal stream server and had to double its capacity for the event!  A special Thank You goes to Japanese  DJane Ema Burt!  I was able to surprise the ToonTopia crowd and have her spin during my regular slot!  The crowd went nuts over her set!  Also a big Thank You goes out to the people from Club Eflin that made appearances during the entire event!  I ended up doing a slot later in the event and were able to raise over 150% of the fund raising goal!  This was truly an awesome event, DJ's from all genre's playing their hearts out and helping the best way they could!  I was there for 18 out of the 24 hours and I felt honored to be a part of something special like this was!  Again thank you very much! -- Rhom


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