Wednesday, April 27, 2011

04/25 @ Toontopia!

Monday morning I was back in Toontopia for some more house music.  I followed on the heels of DJane Ebony who spins some awesome vocal trance.  For my set she switches roles and becomes my hostess lol.  For this set I wanted to keep with the house theme but focus the sound a little more on the house and a little bit less DISCO, which I have been doing a lot of as of late.

With Ebony handling the customers I was able to keep things rocking!  Many thanks goes out to the Korean and Japanese customers that came out!  I love having ya guys in TT!  Lemme tell you, the track selection for this set made for some difficult mixing on my end but I thought the music flowed together well!  One transition in particular was difficult and any DJ will know that when mixing and you have a track with a prominent off beat midrange sound it makes for some tricky mixing!  I really had a good time and I look forward to being back in Toontopia in 2 weeks!


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