Saturday, March 19, 2011

03/19 Toontopia Japan Relief Fundraising Event!

SATURDAY March 19 - March 20
Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0100 MARCH 19 - 0100 MARCH 20

DJ Rhom Spin Time:
1200 - 1300 SLT

In light of all the events that have happened in Japan, Toontopia Dance Club is having a 24 hour fundraising event.  There will be 24 DJ's each spinning one hour sets.  This is personally to me the most important event that I have spun at during my SL career.  The event is a Licensed Australian Red Cross fundraising event so you can be sure any and all donations will go directly to the Australian Red Cross.  All of Toontopia's best DJ's are spinning for charity.  Please come out anytime you guys can because this is honestly an event that is a gift from the heart from everybody at Toontopia to our Japanese friends!

03/14 @ Toontopia

The morning found me back doing my normal set in Toontopia.  Due to the time change I swapped out slots and spun 2 hours later than normal.  Man was I tired when the set began but the music got me pumping!

My sexy hostess Ebony get everyone pumping as usual.  Ended up drawing a rather large crowd and the topics of discussion were....quite lewd but funny nonetheless.  I still stuck with the house/tech house feeling for the set...there just have been a lot of really good tracks with that sound so that is what I spun.  Even had a group of Korean DJs show up to listen so thank you very much for coming out!  I hope to see ya guys next time!
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

03/04 - 03/07 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

2300 - 2500 JPT

Hey guys!  Just one set for me this weekend.  This time I am back in Japan at Club Elfin for my monthly set!  Last time I was there it got really crazy so hopefully I can get ya guys grooving wildly again!  I have been doing tech house lately in Elfin but this weekend I am going to go for more regular house music with Disco undertones.  I am in kind of a Disco kick lately...the tracks are just there and flow together good so that is what I am spinning!  Don't be scared that it is a Japanese club, they are all really friendly and am sure there will be lots of cuties grooving to provide ya with some eye candy!  I hope to see you there!

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