Wednesday, March 2, 2011

03/04 - 03/07 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

2300 - 2500 JPT

Hey guys!  Just one set for me this weekend.  This time I am back in Japan at Club Elfin for my monthly set!  Last time I was there it got really crazy so hopefully I can get ya guys grooving wildly again!  I have been doing tech house lately in Elfin but this weekend I am going to go for more regular house music with Disco undertones.  I am in kind of a Disco kick lately...the tracks are just there and flow together good so that is what I am spinning!  Don't be scared that it is a Japanese club, they are all really friendly and am sure there will be lots of cuties grooving to provide ya with some eye candy!  I hope to see you there!


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