Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21 @ Cybermatrix

WOW!  All I can say!  It was a banging night at Club Cybermatrix!  It has been a long time since I have done a full set there and tonight I decided to play the whole range of electro house for you guys to hear and it went over very well!

Here I am spinning.  I decided to make the first hour mostly vocal stuff and the ladies seemed to enjoy!  Next are some pics of the dancefloor!

And one more pic near the end of my set.

Overall the set went really well.  I was worried that doing the first hour with mostly vocals would not have enough energy but the crowd kept things going.  I love playing for the Cyber Family!
Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Dj Schedule

This weekend I only have 1 set I am playing, darned RL lol!  I will be doing a set Saturday 11/21 at Club Cybermatrix.  This time they have asked me to do a 2 hour set so I am going to show them a little more than just banging electro.  The first half of the set is going to be more vocal electro and then I will unwind the second half.  The DJ line-up is as follows:

0600 - 0800 SLT DJ Rhom (electro hosue)
0800 - 0900 SLT DJ Ryo (progressive trance)

DJ Ryo makes his return to Club Cybermatrix after a 6 month hiatus!  Hope to see you guys there!
Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/16 @ Toontopia Dance Club

Early monday morning I did my regular set in Toontopia.  This was the first time working with the sexy Ebony as my hostess every since she over my slot and it was great!  For whatever reason the crowd levels over the weekend were low but Ebony got the customers in and we had a banging time!  Her and Indura got up in the DJ Booth and shaked their asses and really got the crowd pumping!  The view from my end was quite...good lol!  The first hour I did a lot of vocal electro and then unwound during the second hour with some banging stuff!  This was probably my best set ever that I have done since being a DJ so it was quite the personal accomplishment.  I am sorry I dont have any pics.  I need to get into the habit of snapping some pics during my sets but its hard lol.

p.s. A special thanks goes to Cody.  She is a regular at my Cybermatrix sets and came out for one of my late night Toontopia sets.  It was nice to see you there hun!

11/14 Guys DJ Night @ Club Cybermatrix

Nov 14 @ Club Cybermatrix was guys DJ Night.  The week before the ladies played this time it was our turn.  I played 2nd in a 3 DJ event. 

I ended up playing a pretty banging set that night, maybe too banging but personally I thought it was one of my best sets ever!  The tracks just seemed to flow.  Thank you all for coming out!
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Pics of Practice Area

Sometimes a DJ just likes to have a spot to go back to and practice or just listen to new tracks or even have a private party for friends!  So I created such a spot.

This is a view looking at my personal DJ booth standing on the dance floor.  Pretty simple nothing elaborate.

This is a view at the other end of the dance floor looking out from the DJ Booth.  I love to hang up posters etc from previous events that I have done that clubs have made or magazine covers!  I am starting to run out of wall space!  haha!  If I ever invite you to a private party back at my place this is most likely where it will be.

More Grooving in ToonTopia

Another test post of the talented DJ Fabulous spinning some sexy electro house.

Grooving in ToonTopia

This is a test post with a picture to see how this template handles pictures.  It is a pic of me grooving in ToonTopia.
Monday, November 16, 2009

First Post

This is the official first post for this blog. Please bear with me while I get the blog all formatted. Here I will post commentary on things pertaining to DJ Rhom's sets in Second Life.

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Hi! I am a DJ in the Second Life virtual world. I play mostly electro and progressive house. I am from the Detroit area so I tend to have some urban flavor in my sets.
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