Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Dj Schedule

This weekend I only have 1 set I am playing, darned RL lol!  I will be doing a set Saturday 11/21 at Club Cybermatrix.  This time they have asked me to do a 2 hour set so I am going to show them a little more than just banging electro.  The first half of the set is going to be more vocal electro and then I will unwind the second half.  The DJ line-up is as follows:

0600 - 0800 SLT DJ Rhom (electro hosue)
0800 - 0900 SLT DJ Ryo (progressive trance)

DJ Ryo makes his return to Club Cybermatrix after a 6 month hiatus!  Hope to see you guys there!


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