Monday, February 28, 2011

02/28 @ Toontopia!

This early morning I did my normal set in TT.  I had a scare when I got home from work about 5 hours before my set was to start.  I rebooted my streaming machine to prep for the set and suddenly it did not recognize my soundcard!  It thought it was a video card!  Talk about being in a panic!  My cover DJ DJ Walker was ready to cover but I hate having to ask like that!  Fortunately I just swapped PCI slots with the card and I was once again ready to go!  I had to retune the gains and stuff but I was glad I got things working!  It's funny how problems like that crop up at the worst time LOL!  It is something that us DJ's struggle with all the time!  Anyhow for this set I picked out a selection of tracks to explore the origins of house music...namely disco.

My sexy hostess DJane Ebony kept the crowd pumping as usual.  Some people have asked why I did not do an electro set.  I'll answer that question now.  The electro tracks just were not there.  I spun a set within my genre where the tracks flowed, and this week it happened to be house with a disco feeling.  I am not going to spin crap tracks or the same old tracks that are over played just to say I did an electro set.  I want the tracks in the set to flow and tonight it was regular house music.  That is what I am anyhow, a house music DJ.  The peeps in TT really seemed to enjoy the flow of the set and I really had a good time spinning it!  I look forward to my next set in a couple weeks there! 
Friday, February 4, 2011

02/05 - 02/07 DJ Rhom Weekend Schedule

Club Cybermatrix
0700 - 0800 SLT

After being closed for about a year Club Cybermatrix has re-opened!!!  Cybermatrix is my home club!  It is where I first started DJ'ing!  It is a special place to me run by my cyber family!  Also me spinning in Cybermatrix means one thing... electro house!  I cannot wait to be back home again and I hope you will come out and experience this special place!

MONDAY February 07
Toontopia Dance Club Main Room
0100 - 0300 SLT

Monday I am back in Toontopia for my normal slot!  I am not sure exactly what I will play monday....will it be electro?  Perhaps....come and find out!

01/15 @ Elfin!

Today I was back overseas for my monthly Tech House set in Club Elfin!  The club Elfin crowd really gets into tech house and it is a blast playing for them.  I always look forward to the monthly sets.  They sure do get wild!

This time a couple gals from the crowd decided to come up and dance on the DJ booth!  First time its happened in Elfin for me!  It was a really good time and I look forward to doing my next set there!  If you have never been there it is definatly worth checking out!

01/10 @ Toontopia!

Today found me doing my normal slot in Toontopia.  I was having a hard time figuring out what to play as I just have not been feeling the electro house groove lately so I decided to go with some more prog house.  I hav not played this much prog house in a long time but I seemed to feeling that genre's groove more lately.  The crowd did not seem to mind!

My normal hostess Ebony was back and she likes prog house a lot so was nice to spin some tunes she liked.  She also kept the crowd pumping!  All in all it was a good time and I look forward to seeing you guys next time!

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