Tuesday, January 4, 2011

01/03 @ Toontopia!

Tonight I was back again at Toontopia doing my normal late night timeslot.  I was still quite recovering from the weekends parties and stuff and was just not feeling the electro house beats so I decided to to focus again on a progressive house set.  Sometimes as a DJ you just kinda lose your mojo and the tracks are just not coming together how you want them so rather than spin a bunch of electro that I was not really feeling I decided to again push and refine the progressive house set from December.  I dropped the cyber sound part at the beginning and instead put in some house tracks to try to make the sound go together smoother.  I think after some tweaking the sound was much more fluid.

My normal hostess Ebony was not able to make the set so the sexy rihanna Staheli stepped forward.  It was my first time working with her and she was an awesome hostess!  She seemed to really like that music and that helps out a lot when the hostess is into the style of the DJ cause they get the crowd pumping even more.  It was an awesome turnout for a progressive set.  I had a great time and look forward to my next time in  Toontopia!

12/22 @ Toontopia!

Hey guys!  Tonight I did a special cover set for my good DJ friend DJ Walker in Toontopia!  DJ Walker is my permanent cover DJ for the weeks I cannot do my sets and this time he asked me to cover for him so I was only happy to agree to it.  DJ Walker specialized in vocal trance and stuff so I tried to put something together within the house genre that would push that type of sound and the best I could come up with was a progressive house set.  I do not do many sets strictly of that genre so it was a good challenge to see how far I could push it.  I started out with more of what I would call a cybernetic world feeling then went more towards more traditional progressive house sounds and then dropped a bunch that pushed the trance sound.  It was an interesting challenge!

This time around I had the sexy Diva Woodford as my hostess.  It was my first time working with her and she turned out to be an awesome hostess and a really nice person!  I really enjoyed it and she kept the crowd pumping!  I think I ended up laying a very danceable set with sounds as close as I could come to DJ Walker while staying within my genre so was an interesting challenge to do!

12/20 @ Toontopia!

Hey guys!  Today I did my official return to Toontopia after being gone for so long.  It was really great to back to my normal super late night slot as it lets me really play what I feel like it.  And this set I felt like starting out tech house and then going to some nasty electro!

Of course I had my sexy hostess Ebony keeping the crowd pumped up!  It was really nice being able to lay down some electro house!  The club also looked nice all decorated for the holidays!

Here is a view looking out from the DJ booth showing off some of the other club decorations.  Anyhow I had a great time and if you were not there ya missed some banging tracks!  I look forward to my next time in Toontopia...who knows what ill be spinning!

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