Tuesday, January 4, 2011

12/22 @ Toontopia!

Hey guys!  Tonight I did a special cover set for my good DJ friend DJ Walker in Toontopia!  DJ Walker is my permanent cover DJ for the weeks I cannot do my sets and this time he asked me to cover for him so I was only happy to agree to it.  DJ Walker specialized in vocal trance and stuff so I tried to put something together within the house genre that would push that type of sound and the best I could come up with was a progressive house set.  I do not do many sets strictly of that genre so it was a good challenge to see how far I could push it.  I started out with more of what I would call a cybernetic world feeling then went more towards more traditional progressive house sounds and then dropped a bunch that pushed the trance sound.  It was an interesting challenge!

This time around I had the sexy Diva Woodford as my hostess.  It was my first time working with her and she turned out to be an awesome hostess and a really nice person!  I really enjoyed it and she kept the crowd pumping!  I think I ended up laying a very danceable set with sounds as close as I could come to DJ Walker while staying within my genre so was an interesting challenge to do!


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