Tuesday, May 25, 2010

05/24 @ Toontopia!

Monday morning I did my normal time slot in Toontopia but l had hinted to and unlike my past few sets I slowed things down and did some Progressive House for a change.  I was in the mood and felt like doing a relaxing set.  We had a pretty good audience for the morning and did get some really good comments in IM from some of the customers!  Sometimes peope are just in the mood for something a little calmer haha!

Ebony kept the crowd engaged throughout the entire set!  I think she was in the mood for something a bit calmer also.  I did manage to drop in a couple tracks from other genres just to see how it would sound all together and must say it wasn't bad :)

It was a good night/early morning out at Toontopia as always!

Here is a track listing for the set:

1.   Come To Me feat. Gia Mellish - Original Mix -- John Winckel
2.   In My Mind - John Winckel Remix -- Gia Mellish
3.   Never Faraway - Vocal Mix -- M1, Matteo DiMarr
4.   Take Me Away (Into The Night) - Dave Darell Remix -- 4 Strings
5.   Fight For You - Beltek Remix -- Morgan Page
6.   You & I (Deadmau5 Remix) -- Medina
7.   Till The Sky Falls Down - Vocal Mix -- Dash Berlin
8.   Phazing feat. Rudy - Original Mix -- Dirty South, Rudy
9.   Empty Streets feat. Becky Jean Williams - Original Mix -- Kaskade
10. I Wanna Be With You Everyday feat. Sam Jones - Manuel De La Mare Remix -- Paul Thomas, Sonny Wharton
11. Devil Walking - Original Club Mix -- Mark Knight
12. Something About You - Seth Vogt Remix -- Nikki Carabello, Dustin Hulton
13. Dont Stop Dancing feat. Haley - Original Mix -- Kaskade, EDX
14. Black Door Beauty - Original Mix -- Lee Curtiss
15. Love Is On Its Way - Original Mix -- Lewis Ferrier
16. Start Again feat. Becky Jean Williams - Original Mix -- Kaskade
17. Thinking About Her - Original Mix -- Hazem Beltagui
18. Brazil - Second Edit -- Deadmau5
19. I Remember - Original Mix -- Kaskade, Deadmau5
20. Move For Me - Extended Mix -- Kaskade, Deadmau5


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