Saturday, May 15, 2010

05/15 @ Toontopia ISH House Room

Yeah I actually did 2 sets in one day woot!  This time I slowed things down a couple beats and spun some deep house in the TT ISH Room for 2 hours!  Doing some Deep House lets me experiment musically within the house genre and I really enjoy it!  A Big Thanks goes out to Kuchiki and Katia for showing up....they are long time fans of my stuff!

Also making an appearance was my DJ bro Walker Devin and my smexy hostess Ebony Tunwarm from my normal time slot in TT.  Deeep house is really some great music to groove to with your special one :)  I have to give a big shoutout to my smexy hoestess Lady for the set!  I think this was the first time she had heard this style of music but she seemed to enjoy it very much and her stories of her little one running nekkid around the house was hilarious!

Here is a track listing from the set:

1.   Chordalia - Original Mix -- Kaiserdisco
2.   Whole life - Original Mix -- Oxia
3.   Inbetween - Original Mix -- Mathias Masteno
4.   Something For Catwalk - The Urban Disctrict Remix -- Spectral, Mad
5.   Vivid - Roman Fluegel's Desperate Dub -- Motorcitysoul
6.   At Night - Original Mix -- Sezer Uysal, Evren Ulusoy
7.   Funkin A - Original Mix -- Jalabee Cartel
8.   Money - Original Mix -- Lewie Day
9.   Black Door Beauty - Original Mix -- Lee Curtiss
10. Give You Up - Original Mix -- Willie Graff, Tuccillo
11. Kick It - Groovelab's Ocean Soul Remix -- The Additive
12. Don't Need Concepts - Sandji 'Spunky' Mix -- Jorg Murcus
13. The Disco Dub - Original Mix -- Lee Curtiss
14. That's The Thing - Lee Curtiss Remix -- Lewie Day
15. Something On My Mind - Vincenzo Remix -- Steve Bug, Superlova
16. That's The Thing - Original Mix -- Lewie Day
17. The Glow - Original Mix -- Lee Curtiss
18. Love Is On Its Way - Original mix -- Lewis Ferrier
19. Singing In The Bathtub - Original Mix -- Sezer Uysal, Evren Ulusoy


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