Sunday, May 2, 2010

05/01 @ Toontopia House ISH Room

Saturday found me spinning in the Toontopia house ISH Room!  The room is a seperate part of the whole Toontopia dance complex and is dedicated to all forms of House Music!  This is a place for DJs to play stuff that they would normally not spin in the main room.  This time I decided to do a deep house set.  Deep house is some good stuff if you are in the mood for something relaxing and something to make you feel good.  It is a very close and cozy atmosphere and the crowds right now are small but that is just because the ISH Rooms are just getting started.  

I was lucky to get Aubrey as my smexy hostess for this set and got to introduce some people to that genre of music!  Had a great time and will be doing more sets there in the future.

Here is a track listing for the set:

1.   One Nation - Azuni Remix -- The Cruzaders
2.   Hearbeat - Original Mix -- Thomas Elder
3.   Grand Central, Part 1 (Deep Into The Bowl Of House) - MCDE Bassline Dub -- DJ Sprinkles
4.   D.O.U.H.M. - Original Mix -- Karol XVII & MB Valence
5.   Give You Up - Original Mix -- Willie Graf, Tuccillo
6.   That's The Thing - Lee Curtiss Remix -- Lewie Day
7.   Something On My Mind - Vincenzo Remix -- Steve Bug, Superlova
8.   That's The Thing - Original Mix -- Lewie Day
9.   The Glow - Original Mix -- Lee Curtiss
10. Love Is On Its Way - Original Mix -- Lewis Ferrier
11. Ti Sento - UGLH & Federico Locchi Remix -- Carlo Lio
12. Suga Foot - G Family Phat Suga Drop Remix -- Antonio Lyons
13. 2 Be - Original Mix -- Pol_On
14. Big Lie - Original Mix -- Federicco Locchi, UGLH
15. Into The Sound - Original Mix -- Karol XVII & MB Valence
16. Clap You Hands - Original Mix -- Karol XVII & MB Valence
17. Smoking Mirrors - Original Mix -- Lee Curtiss
18. Getting Mofucked - Original Mix -- Laurent Zappona, Martyne
19. Singing In The Bathtub - Original Mix -- Sezer Uysal, Evren Ulusoy


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