Wednesday, March 31, 2010

03/29 @ Toontopia!

Yikes!!!  I forgot to take a picture of my hostess shaking it on the DJ booth for this set.  Oh well, at the beginning of the set I was REALLY tired....I mean really really tired!  LOL had not adjusted to the later time yet!  Anyhow it was a good set and Ebony kept things pumping for the entire set.  I went a little more on the electro side than I have been doing in Toontopia but I just felt like doing something a little more banging!  I ended up drinking a whole pot of coffee and by the end of the set was pretty wired LOL!  I had a great time spinning in TT as usual!

Here is the track listing for the set:

1.   Feels Alright - Dread I Remix -- Rainbow Warfare
2.   Check - Remix by Gimbal & Sinan -- Lupo!
3.   Divine Act - Elite Force Mix -- Meat Katie, Roland Clark, Wolfgang Gartner, CLASSIXX
4.   Pillpopper feat. Becci = MALO's El Guapo Remix
5.   Superstar - Jeff T Remix -- Sue Choe, Heavygrinder
6.   Suck My Disko - Dylan Holshausen Disco In My Pants Mix -- Aniki
7.   Watch The Club Go feat. Mr. Robotic - Original Mix -- DJ Bam Bam
8.   Everybody Needs - Audius Remix -- Night Drugs, Oh Shit!!
9.   In My mouth Part 1 feat. Lauren Neko - Original Mix -- Erick Decks, David Puentez
10. Lick It feat. Estela Martin - Extended Mix -- Mainstream
11. I Love Sex - Audius VCR Remix -- DJ Exodus, Kelly Trance
12. Let This Bump - Original Mix -- Steve Velocity
13. Jammin' - Boogee Brotherz Mix -- Guru Da Beat
14. Let Me Tell You - Original Mix -- DJ Bam Bam
15. I'm Fred Astair - Original Mix -- Geoff K
16. Da Club - Robb G Remix -- Neon Stereo, Whiskey Pete
17. Sidestepping Dre - Original Mix -- Geoff K
18. Like That - idiot Boiz Remix -- Jimmy Raz
19. Kung Pow feat. MC Loc E - Original mix -- Jaksaw
20. Punji - Zodiac Cartel Remix -- Lee Coombs
21. Just Bleep Me (Satisfaction) - Original Mix --Dada Life
22. Push Up Word Up - AC Slater Remix -- Freestylers
23. For You - Original Mix -- Hirshee
24. Day Off - Original Mix -- Xinobi
25. Exceeder - Felguk Remix -- Mason
26. I'm Feeling You -- capsule


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