Wednesday, March 3, 2010


After a few week's break due to scheduling and allowing some new DJ's to play in Cybermatrix!  Tonight I followed after one of them who put on a good DnB show.  The crowd was pumping with a lot of foreigners when I took over and then through my set more and more of ya Japanese peeps started coming out which was nice to see!  Overall it was a good time and in this set I went kinda retro with some remixes by some 80's (and sometimes earlier) tracks!  

Here is a track listing for that set:

1.   Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Andy LaToggo Remix -- Global Playboyz
2.   Do It Right - Calvertron's 59 Fifty Remix -- Binkers
3.   Going Back To My Roots - STFU Remix -- STFU
4.   Beat It (Featuring Ellie) -- GOKU
5.   Video Killed The Radio Star - PH Electro Remix Edit -- Andrew Spencer
6.   Stamina - Alex Sayz Remix -- Cozi
7.   1980 - Maurizo Gubellini Insane Mix -- Robbie Rivera, Dero
8.   Kazane - Disco Of Doom Remix -- Hiroki Esashika
9.   Turbo Love - Shinichi Osawa Remix -- Bag Raiders
10. Uprising - Original Mix -- Kan Takahiko
11. Body Talk - Kan Takahiko Remix -- Rayflash
12. House Jack Party - Filthy Rehab Remix -- Hooked's


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