Monday, June 28, 2010

06/28 @ Toontopia!

Early this morning found me doing my normal set in Toontopia.  It was a slow night, which is not all that bad as it lets me experiment with certain tracks so see how they are received.  It also allows me to play stuff that I might not play for a mainstream crowd.  I started off dark and deep and then slowly progressed towards vocal electro and then migrated towards what I would call a rave feel. 

my smexy hostess Ebony worked her ass off catering to the crowds needs as usual.  Overall I had a great time.  I am sorry for those who are on my DJ group list and got confused about exactly what time I was playing.  I hope the confusion does not happen anymore!  I hope to see ya guys the next time I spin in TT!

Here is a track listing for the set:

1.   The Lizard King - Original Mix -- Cold Blank
2.   Annunaki - Original Mix -- Cold Blank
3.   Anteater - Original Mix -- Pance Party
4.   Chocolates - Original mix -- Pance Party
5.   R.E.f.r.E.s.h. - Tom Piper Remix -- Itch-E, Scratch-E
6.   Funky Jam - Original mix -- Calvertron
7.   Shake 'N' Dance - Original Mix -- Filthy Rehab
8.   Feel So Good - Original Mix -- MC Flipside, JoeySuki
9.   Big Wigglin (Ladies Shake) - Original Mix -- Luddwig
10. That Fart Track - Original Mix -- Perfect Cell
11. People Bounce - Electric Soulside Remix -- Costello
12. Candycane - Miles Dyson Remix -- Jaswho?, Chloe Javis
13. So high - Tom & Grade Remix -- Remaniax
14. Girlfriend feat. Oz - Andres Cabrera Remix -- Tune Brothers
15. Out Of Body - Original Mix -- Jack Beats
16. She's Like The Wind - Franco Lipi Remix -- SaintPaul DJ
17. Only You 0 The Mask Electro Mix -- The Chips
18. Breakers Revenge 2010 - DCUP Remix -- Kid Kenobi
19. Elixir Of Life 2010 - Fabio Amoroso & Andres Steel Fresh Mint Mix -- Alessia Kay
20. Loneliness 2010 - Roy Resoenfeld remix -- Tomcraft
21. I Love My Phone feat. Vivian B - Club Mix -- Mr Roger, Vivian B
22. I Love batucada - Maurizio Gubellini & Matteo Sala Mix -- Robbie Rivera, Dero
23. Go - Original Mix -- Gimbal & Sinan


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