Monday, December 28, 2009

12/26 @ Cybermatrix!

Cybermatrix had an event the day after Christmas.  While most of you were at home relaxing and drinking egg nog with the family I was stuck working the night shift all weekend.  When Saturday morning came around I was exhausted and decided to head on over to Cybermatrix to relax and listen to some tunes.  I was not expecting to play a set and only did after volunteering to.  By that time it was really late in Japan so only the Cyberfamily was still around.  So, I decided to play them a short set of some progressive house to see how they liked it.  Seemed to go pretty well.  I did not take any pictures but some of the Cyberfamily did and here is one:

Had a great time and here is a track listing for that short set:

1.  Come To Me feat. Gia Mellish - Original Mix -- John Winckel
2.  4 AM - Adam K & Soha Mix -- Kaskade
3.  Move for Me - Extended Mix -- Kaskade, Deadmau5
4.  You Turn Away feat. Jessica Palmer - Original Mix -- Louis Proud
5.  You & I (Deadmau5 Remix) -- Medina
6.  Let Me Go - Club Mix -- Ann Bailey, Peter Brown
7.  Rumours - Original Mix -- 4 Unity
8.  Alikon - Original Mix -- Kiem Liebem
9.  I Miss You - Alex Barattini Club Remix -- A & M Production
10. Fight For You - Beltek Remix -- Morgan Page


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